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Athletics instill valuable life skills.

"In my 30 years in the business world, I have found that what an athlete brings to the workplace is discipline, teamwork, a drive for success, the desire to be held accountable and a willingness to have their performance measured," says Steve Reinemund, former Chairman & CEO, of PepsiCo

Dayville School District 16J believes that offering an exceptional education does not stop at the school building doors.


Athletics are an important part of a student’s education.  


Offering fall, winter, and spring sports in a District as small as Dayville can pose many challenges.  


Dayville is proud to offer innovative solutions to team sports.  Dayville currently cooperates with Monument School District to offer Football, Volleyball, and Basketball.  


Dayville's Spring Track Team consists of students grades

5-12 working together toward their individual goals.


While practice schedules and game travel can sometimes seem overwhelming, Dayville School District believes in providing the opportunity for athletics.




Dayville High School

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